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JustCloud Online Unlimited Storage – a big SCAM – stay AWAY!

October 20, 2012

So, I signed up for unlimited storage backup space at, and the whole thing is a big scam.

STAY AWAY is all I can say. For your entertainment and warning I am including the complete email chain between me and JustCloud below, but first some background:
I have 700GB or so of home video of the kids growing up, and I wanted to have a backup of this online, and I thought JustCloud was the way to go.
JustCloud is currently ranked as the best in the online storage business, so I went for it and payed $250 for three years worth of unlimited storage (attached a picture of the online receipt on the very bottom of this post).
The frustration started when I was not able to back up anything on my PC, and I got messages on the JustCloud App such as a) Account does not exist. b) License is expired. Pictures of these messages in the email chain below.
And this is after I had paid USD 250 for three years of unlimited storage.
I contacted JustCloud for them to help me and they did reply but they couldn’t help.
They would suggest me to make sure I type in the right password, go into configuration folders and delete files amongst other “solutions”.
And, when my objective is to back up almost a terabyte of home video footage I better get a superb first impression and  bump into no issues.
Unfortunately it was not like that.
Also note the dodgy names of the “staff”. I am very sure this is a one-person show and multiple names are used to make the business look legit.
I just received an email saying that my account has been cancelled and that my money will be refunded within 7-10 days. That is the latest communication.
Now, I see this can be one out of a few things, or a combination of them:
1. They purposely hold peoples money for a few weeks just to earn interest on it before returning the funds.
2. They are completely inapt and the software is very unstable.
3.”They” could be one person, a one-man-show.
Also, there are many other negative feedbacks out there, here are a few:
Below is the email chain, scroll to the bottom and work yourself up to get it is chronological order.
Enjoy! wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email.

I can confirm that your account has been fully cancelled and any refund due will be issued within 7-10 working days.
Please be aware any information will be deleted upon cancellation in accordance with our terms and conditions.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Have a great day!

Kind regards,
Tina Goldberg
User Experience Team

You wrote:

The cancellation link does not work.
Can you please cancel my account for me and refund my money?

Robert wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email

I’m really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your Online Backup Account with us.


Please go to and follow the simple process.
You will need to enter your username and password to cancel to confirm that you are the owner of the account.
If you do not have these or experience problems logging in, please reply to this email and I will help you.
Please confirm that the above process has been completed, by replying to this email, so a refund if due, can be issued. By not replying your ticket will remain on hold and we will not know you wish to receive refund.

Or if you wish you can give us a call to cancel:

UK – 0844 445 7025
USA – 1-888-851-0954
CA – 1-888-247-1610
AUD – 611-800-649-265

Kind regards,

Tina Goldberg
User Experience Team

You wrote:

Please go ahead and refund the full amount that I paid and also cancel my account.

Robert wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email.

I’m really sorry to hear that you wish to cancel your Online Backup Account with us.

Before you cancel your account, I would love to try to resolve any issues you may have and offer you 70% discount on your current plan as a goodwill gesture if I can resolve your issues and get you to stay.

Please let me know if you need help with anything and would like me to arrange 70% discount on your plan credits for you to stay a happy MyPC Backup customer.

By not replying your ticket will remain on hold and we will not know you wish to continue with cancellation.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Wayne
User Experience Team

You wrote:

Please see my earlier email; I have decided I want my refund. Please return the funds of USD 250.27 to me and eliminate my account.

You wrote:

Error logs attached. wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your email
I’m sorry about the problems you are experiencing.

One of the best ways for us to find the fault is to take a look through some error logs within your application to see exactly where the problem lies.

Please follow these steps:

1. Hold Ctrl + Right click on the Application icon in your system tray. (The system tray is in the bottom right of your screen, where your clock/time is located)

2. From the menu that appears click ‘Generate Troubleshooting Data’

3. This will create a zip file on your desktop which contains all the information we need to troubleshoot the problem.

Please attach these files in your reply and we will pass this on to our development team for investigation.
Thanks again and we will work to get the problem solved as soon as we can.

Kind Regards,

Jeremy Cooper,
User Experience Team

You wrote:

Due to your services not working I am canceling my membership and I want you to refund the full amount I paid you yesterday.
I paid upfront $250.27 for three years of storage, but after reinstalling the app, rebooting the computer like you suggested, I still get: “Account does not exist” and “License Expired”, and I have of course not been able to back up anything.
It should not be like this. These kind of services that you have are supposed to work and be solid.
Please reply to this email and verify that you are returning my funds.


You wrote:

I tried this but no luck.
When I log in it says: “Retrieving setting from Justcloud servers”, which means the app should get the most recent data from the servers. It still says: Licence Expired.
Sending you two pictures of my screen.

How come my account is not found?
Is it a bug in the Justcloud system?
Please look into this. I do not know what to do anymore.

~Sent from my iPhone wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email.

I request you to restart your computer and then kindly re-authenticate your app by re-entering email and new password (Which you changed earlier) in settings, then to re-boot PC.
This should fix the issue.
To authenticate, Go to desktop application >> Click on “Settings” >> Click on” Authentication”. Enter your email
address , password.and confirm password Then Click on Update Password.
Now you are ready to backup your device.

If it’s not work then close the app and go to C:\Program Files\JustCloud (possibly C:\Program Files (x86)\JustCloud ) and delete the folder called ‘Config’ Then in the same folder (C:\Program Files\JustCloud ) please open the file called ‘Signup Wizard’ and let me know how you get on once you have re-entered your login details that way.

Note : Please use your new changed password

Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Kind Regards,
Jeremy Cooper,
User Experience Team

You wrote:

I just changed my password online (see email below) and tried to update the same in the application. I still get: “Account does not exist”.
Please help.

Hi Robert,

At Justcloud we take your account security very seriously. This email has been sent to alert you to a change to your backup account that has recently been made. The password for this account was changed at 04:17:17 on Thursday the 18th October 2012.
If you did not make this change please contact support at
This is an automated email, please do not reply.

You wrote:

Any update on this?
I see License Expired and 15MB available. I bought 3 years unlimited storage yesterday.
I am typing in my correct password.
Appreciate your swift professional help.

~Sent from my iPhone

You wrote:

Do I have to type a brand new password? I am typing in the same password I used when I signed up.
Can you see if there are any errors with my account setup?
I already paid for 3 years unlimited storage yesterday.

~Sent from my iPhone wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email and screen shot.
I have gone through your screen shot.
I request you to try again and make sure you type a correct password.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Kind Regards,

Deon Patterson
User Experience Team

You wrote:

Hi, when I follow the below steps, I get Account not Found.
Here is a screenshot: wrote:

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your email.
I would request you to follow below steps as you are getting message of expired License:-

– Open the justcloud application
– Click on the “Settings” option
– Select the “Authentication” tab
– Re-enter you email Id and password in the provided text boxes and click on
“Update password”
This will allow the application installed on your computer to communicate with
our server correctly.
Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

Kind Regards,
Robert Blundetto
User Experience Team

You wrote:

Hi Sophy,
I just bought 3 years of unlimited storage but on the Justcloud App it
says: Licence Expired.
Also, when I upload it looks like there is zero progress:

Screenshot here:

2012/10/17 JustCloud

> Hi Robert,
> Congratulations on making the smart decision to backup your computer files
> using JustCloud.
> Your Unlimited Subscription enables you to backup up unlimited data, gain
> access to 24/7 support and take advantage of the JustCloud 1GB Sync Folder.
> If you haven’t downloaded JustCloud yet, you can easily do it here:
> Login Details:
> Username:
> Password: ****Chosen By You****
> If you experience any problems please contact, we
> are here to help. Please add our email to your address book and ensure you
> check all inbox folders for our replies, including SPAM.
> Thank you for choosing JustCloud,
> Sophy Gasson
> Sales Director, JustCloud

Picture of my online receipt:

From → Online Storage

  1. Mike Priestley permalink

    First of all, I’d like to say that you can get 70% off just by not buying immediately, they have. Pop up that say’s done leave yet we’ll give you 25, then 35, then 50′, then 70% off. If you bought at full price, just how stupid does that make you feel? Then you want to back up your second computer? After all you bought it so that you could share files didn’t you? that’ll be another £25. What’s that? You have an external disc with stuff on it? Kerching, you can get a second mortgage, what’s to worry about? Ha Ha! You didn’t think that unlimited meant unlimited did you?Look at what I’ve written, it all checks out, why are you recommending these people? Where is the honesty and he trust? Where are their values. I’ll let you know if I don’t get my money back

    • Hi Mike, did you get your money back eventually?

      • They tell me that they have cancelled the subscription and the money will be refunded, made me feel as if I’d over reacted, but I haven’t checked to see if the money is there. I wonder if the answer to the terabyte of movies may be some kind of HD attached to the router?

  2. Klaudia permalink

    Hi Rob: Sorry to hear what you are going through – I am in a similar boat to you in dealing with this one man show con artist called “justcloud”. Also, I too chose Justcloud because of the best 10 online backup review site (this is all phoney btw – they get a $120 kickback for every sale). In order for you to receive a refund, I would suggest following my lead: I am going the “chargeback” route – this will be our only hope (JC do not want us doing this and suggest you contact your credit card provider (or PayPal in my case) and lodge a claim stating you have not received goods/service. Please advise of any outcome. All the best! K

    • Hi Klaudia!
      Thanks for the comments.
      I told them/the person to clean up their mess
      and very soon they refunded even the last $15.
      Super dodgy people.
      My problem is that I have about 800gb of full HD
      home video I want to back up, but don’t know where to go from here. Dropbox is ok, but will be expensive for that sort of size.
      Let me know if you find something top-notch.

  3. Which background checks are going to be put in place.

  4. This is a scam and they offered me a FREE for 6 months account, but still required my credit card. thing is that they will hold your data hostage as well

  5. Jeff permalink

    Hi Rob,
    Since it’s been 9 months since you told your horror story about JustCloud, I’m just wondering if you have since found a viable solution. I am in a similar situation with a similar amount of data I’d like to back up to a cloud-based service. Let me know if you have found any legit services.


    P.S. It sure seems fishy that JustCloud, BackupGenie, MyPcBackup, and ZipCloud all seem to have identical interfaces and same-looking and even same-worded websites.
    On the other hand, a friend of mine swears by a service called BackBlaze, and they seem quite legitimate.

    • Hi Jeff. Did not find a good online service. I bought an external Western Digital 2 Terabyte Passport, small, light, with USB3. $120 at Costco. That will do for now.

  6. Infop permalink

    I too bought into JustCloud scam last year. As my personal backup started to increase to 1.8TB of data (videos, photos, documents, my whole life), they sent me an email stating that I am using my account for business, so I would have to upgrade or lose all the data. Currently, I’m paying $9/mo for unlimited plan, but to switch it business with 1.8TB, it would cost me some $120/mo+. I can’t afford that…so I emailed them making my case that I don’t have a business, so why do I need to sign up for business account. They would not give me a straight forward answer, but just kept claiming that “…we’re sorry, but we’ll have to close out your account”. And of course everything takes at least two days before they answer anything.

    So, I decided that I just want to restore all of my data back to my computer and figure another backup plan. Well, guess what? When I start the restore, I notice that it won’t restore half the stuff. Then after 2 hours, the downloading started to slow down. First, I thought it was my Comcast account (32mb burst speed), but I was able to cruise on the web just fine, without any hitches or delays. I concluded that it had to be just cloud….like everyone has stated, it seems to be a one man operation.

  7. Christine permalink

    I’m another sucker for the Justcloud scam. After repeated emails I received 15 emails from 12 “different” people who never once addressed my specific problem. Long story short – they failed to back up my files for 1-1/2 years. I was not aware of this because I received their popups on my pc each week that assured me a backup was done and complete. When my computer died and I went to retrieve my files and photos, guess what? No backups. They refused to tell me why or to refund my money for the months when they didn’t backup my files. When I called the cancellation service, the guy said, “you didn’t update your software, that’s why you didn’t have any files backed up.” Really? And how the heck would he know that?

    Justcloud is way too risky to be in charge of your files. Plus, I fear that they may be hackers who now have access to all our personal files. DO NOT USE THEM. Positive reviews are most certainly fake.

  8. This NEEDS a class action lawsuit to shut this sh!t down. This is 100% false advertising and a complete bait and switch business model. Anyone with experience organizing or initiating a class action suit should also contact people on I’m attempting to close my account now (within 3 days of opening) so we’ll see how it goes.

  9. tracy permalink

    Hi, I’m trying to uninstall just cloud from my mac and can’t get rid of it! can anyone help please?

  10. Vlad permalink

    Those bastards have even a separate website created to diffuse massive outrage brewing all over the Internet regarding their criminal enterprise. It’s . I am reporting them to my credit card company, than to Attorney General of Florida, to the US Attorney General’s office and also to the US Secret Service. It is a little known fact that the Secret Service investigates electronic financial fraud conducted over the Internet, such as fraudulent credit card charges.

    From “Criminal Investigations

    The United States Secret Service is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the nation’s financial infrastructure and payment systems. As a part of this mission, the Secret Service constantly implements and evaluates prevention and response measures to guard against electronic crimes as well as other computer related fraud. The Secret Service derives its authority to investigate specified criminal violations from Title 18 of the United States Code, Section 3056.”

  11. Howard permalink

    I wish I had found this site first before I signed up with JustCloud. YOU CANNOT CANCEL THEIR SERVICE! Period! It took me a week to get them to stop sending me offers when I called them to cancel, and finally they renewed me without my consent and billed my credit card $104 for God knows what.
    DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO JUSTCLOUD. They are running a billing scam, plain and simple
    Howard S

  12. zaid permalink

    Just cloud is a scam. I cancelled the service many times and they kept charging me.
    I asked for a refund, theys said 7-10 days before the fund is available.
    2 months passed no refund and they’re still charging my paypal account.

    Big fraud.

    If there is a justcloud person listening out there, here is a ref number to my cancellation request (3499341).

  13. John permalink

    I am an affiliate with Just Cloud and “shocking” they don’t pay there affiliate fees they promise. I was due $360 commission and to date they have only paid $57.60. I have emailed and they ignore my emails. I called the number and got some little girl in India and she said there is no one to talk to for the affiliate program and to just email except they don’t reply to the emails. It’s a huge SCAM and they suck you in by the great affiliate offer but then they don’t pay so they are making bank by not paying us. DON’T DO IT!!

  14. Same story. Same text in emails, same person in India, emails all refer to paying to reactivate account which I never cancelled and have a printout of receipt saying I’m paid through August 2015. They say all your information has been deleted. A big scam. I’m cancelling the credit card attached to JC. May report to the AG of New York if I have the time. Very deceptive, fraudulent. At first I thought another entity was impersonating JC in order to get my credit card number and money, but now I think it is JustCloud itself. Very deceptive. DO NOT SIGN UP!!!!!

  15. Rosa Strickland permalink

    I haven’t even signed up for Just Cloud, and already I’ve received this e-mail. Hi Baby,

    It’s Gabriel again, your Account Manager at JustCloud.

    I sent you an email last month highlighting that your file protection license you have with us has fully expired.

    This means that your computer and it’s contents are both exposed to fatal hard drive failure, harmful viruses and even accidental deletion.

    Baby, although I cannot extend your free license further I do want to help prevent your documents from being deleted.

    Simply use the link below and we can protect your files instantly for only $1.00
    After you have upgraded our application will run silently in the background to ensure you are safe-guarded should the worst happen.

    Baby, as a reminder, if we do not see any attempt from you to secure your important files they will be deleted from our servers.

    All the best,

    Account Manager

    This is the first e-mail that I’ve gotten from them, and no one calls me Baby. Can, or do they erase your files. although I don’t know what files they are talking about. HELP!

  16. Scort Kao permalink

    i wasn’t aware of it because i was busy dealing too many things, but i did got a mail from “JustCloud” after online transactions, after a few hours works, i found the mail wrote,

    Hi Scort,

    Thank you for choosing Just Cloud.

    Your order has been temporarily held and we need to speak to you just to verify your details.

    We have tried the number provided in your order, but didn’t get an answer.

    If you would like to continue with your order please can you confirm the best number to contact you on and the best time for us to call.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    Ralph Sotomayor
    Customer Services Representative
    Just Cloud, BBB Accredited since 06/17/2011

    First the Date here was mark on 2011. i wasn’t notice. and second, just during the hours i received a few of SMS from my cell phone, telling me about unusually transactions on my credit card(actually i just got my phone back for some reasons.)

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